15 SEO Myths

15 SEO Myths in 2023.

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15 SEO myths in 2023

The SEO process is full of myths and misconceptions that make life difficult for the engineers who run SEO audits and processes as well as for their clients. These myths come from ignorance, misunderstandings and impatience of people in general.

Myth 1 Keywords don't matter

Myth 2 SEO is gone

Myth 3 EMDs do not work

Myth 4 PageRank does not exist

Myth 5 Outbound links drive traffic away

Myth 6 Nofollow backlinks are worth nothing

Myth 7 The content must be long to be ranked

Myth 8 AI content has no chance of succeeding

Myth 9 Guest posting doesn't help

Myth 10 Keyword optimized anchor texts are bad

Myth 11 Page layout does not affect SEO efforts

Myth 12 Optimizing near me doesn't work for local SEO

Myth 13 You don't need SEO to rank if you generate traffic with ads

Myth 14 Social signals have no SEO value

Myth 15 AI will destroy SEO

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