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Analysts predict that the global digital advertising and marketing sector will reach over $700 billion by 2026, with clicks and display ads being among the most dominant forms.

Marketing Digital

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels, such as search engines, social networks, email, mobile applications and websites, to promote a product or service

🎯 In 1896, Marconi Guglielmo became the first man to demonstrate a public transmission of wireless signals when he invented the radio. Although it would take another ten years for radio to reach the general public, it certainly didn't take long for the creators to realize that they could use it to sell things.
The first live broadcast was from an opera performance at the Met, and guess what people did after that?
They bought tickets to the show and that's how digital marketing was born!

Website Optimization - the information must be permanently up to date, optimize it for SEO, permanently add information both content text and visuals, create backlinks to increase traffic and the MOZ score related to Domain Authority, check how fast it loads on mobile devices.

Organic Campaign if you want your company to be successful and to remain in the Top 3 companies in the field in which you carry out your economic activity, then you will have to carry out regular, simple, long-term actions; simple actions but carried out according to a stable plan will keep you on an upward curve of success for a long time, and what you do in addition for a cost will give you a boost to maximize success. Actions: any social media post with a link to a landing page, any press release with a link to your website, any PDF distributed online, any infographic, any advertising materials printed and distributed at an event, any promotional products distributed at a JobShop which can send visitors to your website, thus creating direct and organic traffic, etc.

Paid PPC campaigns should be done in rotation, for each channel you propose to approach. For example: in January we campaign on Facebook, in February on Linkedin, in March on Instagram and so on; an audit is made on the results and optimizations are made by resuming the campaign on the channel where we obtained better results.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, it integrates strategies and tactics used to create and distribute content through emails in order to create a connection between the company's brand and customers or to send promotional offers and advertising materials.

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