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Typography, PrintShop, Publishing House

Digital and Offset Typography, PrintShop, Publishing House

👉 Since 2004 we have been present in the printing, graphics and customization market.
Depending on the type of order, we offer the client a print production solution adapted so that we have the materials ready in a timely manner, but at the same time we also think about cost optimization.
Orders with large runs, CMYK or Pantone colors are specific for offset, for example runs of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of: posters, leaflets, presentation folders, brochures, books, newspapers, etc.

👉 Digital printing is specific for small and medium runs, having an optimized cost resulting from lower production costs for runs starting even with 1 piece.

👉 Finishing operations, bringing a product to its finished format, can mean a series of labor operations that go through several finishing machines and which are time-consuming; some can be automated, but some remain operations that depend on the human, manual workforce. The more finishing operations we have, the longer the delivery time and the price of the final product.

👉 Binding operations are done with the help of the following machines: spiral machine, broaching machine, sewing, etc. Products such as diaries, books, registers, special orders, catalogs, ID cards, etc., usually come out of bookbinding.

👉 Large format printing is characterized by the production of posters or posters in A0 format or larger. They are made on large-format plotter type printing machines and then, if necessary, go into finishing, such as lamination with UV plastic film, with a Matt, Glossy or SoftTouch appearance.

👉 Mesh and Outdoor Banners are also made on the Plotter, with special inks that contain UV pigments so that the ink lasts and keeps its colorful vibrations for several years. After 3-4 years, the materials age anyway after exposure to the outside environment in the sun, in the wind, in the rain and in the large temperature variations here in Romania of +40 degrees C in summer and -15 degrees C in winter.

👉 We are registered as Biroul de imagine Publishing House and offer our clients specific services - anyway we also print books, it makes sense to authorize ourselves as a publishing house and offer the whole set of services to the client.

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