Graphic design services

Graphic elements can communicate any brand message, define its style and remain imprinted in the mind of the end consumer. The visual is at the forefront today, so either you have a graphic designer in your company or you will have to outsource the graphic creation service to obtain mandatory materials that you must have in the company.

Graphic design

Like the Human Resources department, every company also needs the Graphic Design department

🎯 Raster graphics and/or/vs vector graphics, what, how and when to use each type, it's good to know from the beginning.

  • JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF graphic files are raster images - they are used everywhere regardless of whether they are polychrome, black and white, grayscale, monotone/duotone, etc.; as an observation from a raster file you cannot always vectorize and obtain a high quality vector file.
  • When we talk about vector graphics, we refer to files used on the production side, in typography, in advertising production workshops for the execution of engraving, banners and large meshes, but not only - extensions used are AI, CDR, EPS, etc. . A Vector file is the primary source from which you can export a raster of a custom resolution/size/color spectrum.

🎯 A picture conveys more than 1000 words! We own the CorelDRAW Graphic Suite license and can offer you the entire spectrum of graphic products or services. Obviously, we also work with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

  • Graphic creation for online: visuals for posts in Social Media, for the company's website, covers for webinars, graphic and infographic elements for the company's Newsletter, PDF files such as eBooks, presentations or graphic catalogs;
  • For prints, we create vector graphics from scratch;
  • On the creative side, the time and budget that the client allocates matters a lot, thus achieving a balance between available versions and quality, thinking also about subsequent changes to the files delivered to the client - revisions or important additions that can greatly modify the initial graphic layout.

🎯 We offer free graphic services for customized products ordered from us; over time, separately if you need to send the graphics to another company for the production of advertising materials, then we will invoice you for the graphic creation services and hand over the source file with the graphic layout.

🎯 The color spectrum: it is important to consider the final destination where the created visual will be used because a file with a Poster (Leaflet, Presentation Map, Flyer, etc.) that is sent to the printer will be edited in CMYK colors ( Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) and an Online Banner is made in RGB colors (Red Green Blue).

🎯 File format: it is good to take into account the modern formats of graphic files - for example, the images that are currently used in the website are exported, for example, with the WEBP extension (it is an optimized format, slimmer than the old formats, etc.); so it is good to ask the supplier if he can offer the latest compatibilities with the usual modern systems.

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