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We are available to clients with website creation services, administration, updates and monthly maintenance, SEO optimization, PPC promotion, paid campaigns on Social Media channels and other related services.


The presentation website is important for any company today when we talk about online and digitalization

Establishing the purpose for which we invest in a presentation site is the first thing we have to think about; this step highlights the budget that we are willing to spend monthly/annually, highlights whether we will rely on customers brought by the website, makes us decide whether it is a marketing element that we will use daily or a few times a week month or maybe we do it just because it should be done and that's it. Here are some situations we encountered:

  • I need a minimum, a site that is just there and that's it, just with contact details, I still don't need more.
  • I want a presentation website, small size because I'm at the beginning, I just founded the company and I don't have many pictures or text, but in 3-4 months I will add content.
  • I want a medium-sized presentation site where I can present my services/products and my activity; I already have an archive of 20-30 representative images and 4-5 pages of A4 text.
  • I want an online store, through which I can sell products.
  • We are a large company and we want to change the current presentation site with a new site with new and current design and functionalities; we mentioned that we also need almost daily updates to it, so we also want a monthly subscription for maintenance.

Fixing the budget, both the initial website creation budget and the estimated annual maintenance budget for maintenance and updates.

  • The initial budget strictly refers to the initial creation of the website, the payment for 1 year of the domain name and the payment for 1 year of hosting on the server.
  • The estimated maintenance budget is related to: how many pictures we add to the site in the course of a year, how many times in a year we add text and what volume (we measure text-type content in the number of A4 format pages), how many new web pages (new topic) will be created in a year, etc.

The structure of the main menu is the third step we have to think about. The information/content on the website must be structured so to speak - in chapters - that is, links in the menu so that the website visitor can browse the information that interests him easily and clearly.

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